Bob Smyth, Square Feet Tours

While some people can never really identify their great professional passion, I have always known that I have two; travel and design.  I graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University, but was offered a job at the travel agency that provided me with part-time employment during my college years.  I’ve had a fantastic career in travel since, and have traveled the world to see most of the places I dreamed about when I was a child.  Whenever I go, I always try to make a point to see the works of architecture or landscape architecture that I studied at Rutgers (the History of Landscape Architecture, taught by Rutgers professor Connie Webster, was my favorite class).  Occasionally, the place that I am visiting offers an interpretive walking tour provided by a docent or through the use of recorded media.  I love learning more about the places I am visiting and always opt to take any tour that is offered. But there are many other incredibly fascinating places that do not offer any type of tour.  What about those places?

Throughout my career, I’ve become very good at storytelling and making presentations.  In fact, I’ve taught others that an effective presentation really begins with having a good story to tell.  Sometimes, the story requires some research to create, and some of the facts and figures that you uncover (or develop) become the visuals of the presentation.  But having a story is key.  What if I could combine my skills as a story teller, my passion for architecture and design, my background in travel, and the availability of technology to help fill the gap in providing interpretive tours to some incredible places?  And so, Square Feet Tours was born.

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Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Michael Graves Architecture & Design
The TWA Terminal, Eero Saarinen
Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright