Current Tours:
Seaside, FloridaThe Town of Seaside

Tours in development:
Hewitt, New Jersey | Upper Greenwood Lake (Driving Tour)
Maui, Hawaii | The Town of Lahaina
New York, New York | The Chrysler Building
New York, New York | The National 911 Memorial
Queens, New York | The TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport
Exploring the history and design of incredible works of architecture, landscape architecture and town planning, a Square Feet Tours walking tour helps to enrich your journey.  Our tours tell the story of the site and point out interesting design details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Each tour can be streamed live to your phone or downloaded and played on your MP3 device.  Natural breaks throughout the narration provide an opportunity to pause the tour to take a break or explore areas of the site on your own.  The Square Feet Tours website provides a bibliography for each tour as well as helpful links to books, music, and other sites and features noted on the tour.